Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Hairdresser & the bat No 1

One morning the hairdressers went to open up their Cockermouth shop as usual. Noticing a crumpled leaf on the ground, Alison went to pick it up. To her shock and horror the leaf moved and squeaked at her, revealing itself to be a very frightening tiny little bat. The two women immediately shut themselves into the shop to prevent the bat from getting at them. Frantically they gesticulated to a gallant passerby. After a lot of miming of bats and doorsteps, he understood that they were trapped inside the building by the rogue bat and went to rescue them, only to find the bat had already made its own way off. Thus it was that the two hairdressers were trapped in a building by a bat that wasn’t there.

Can't wait for the next post from Sally.

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