Wednesday, 21 April 2010

New Myotis species discovered in UK

'Myotis alcathoe, or Alcathoe's bat, was identified by a research team led by Professor John Altringham at the University of Leeds and Professor Roger Butlin of the University of Sheffield during a Europe-wide study of bat population ecology.'  Full story here;

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  1. Thought I'd have a dabble at this Blog thingy technology but I had to scrape a barrel or two to find something worthy of discussion - so here it is:-

    "Memento Database" app for android. Brilliant little app. Right to the point interface, no noise (after you pay the couple of quid to get rid of the ads that is) and amazingly simple to use. It took me minutes to build a relational database for recording detailed amphibian/environmental information in the field with CSV export to sync with PC/WEB based databases. So whats that got to do with bats? Well, I'm so impressed with MD that I experimented with other groups. First I built a dragonfly identification database with both single access and dichotomous key capability using filters that drill down to the minutest detail. All life stages and exuviae are detailed, with images and distribution maps - and the database can be easily modified in the field so the system is pro-actively developed. So, I then applied the same to bats and now have the makings of a comprehensive mobile manual and records database. Being somewhat disorganised when it comes to collating and submitting records I impressed myself enormously when my CSV export of 2012 bat records synced readily with the Cumberland Bat Group records spreadsheet.

    First and only bat record for 2013 thus far was on 7th March. Recorded on MD including video clip in flight and FD sound recording. Bring em on.